About this ‘losing the war’ stuff

Felt I had to put it out of the way first (before starting about the war at all).

I may be biased, but Ukraine’s hardly losing this war. Seeing as I’m sitting in my Kyiv flat writing this and there are no Grad rockets flying over my head or Buryat-crewed separatist tanks grinding down my street, anyway, I wouldn’t call this losing. I would call it a huge improvement over the previous year, when half the country lived in fear of Russian tanks or Whatever People’s Republic morons showing up in their city. After literally having no army a year ago (I sure wouldn’t call 5000 combat-ready troops an ‘army’) Ukraine managed to contain the separatists inside some two percent of the country’s territory – incidentally, these two percent are conveniently near the Russian border, much like Serbian Krajina was on the Serbian one. Pretty much the only reason the young republics still exist is because Russia couldn’t afford to lose them – so much that it would rather deploy Russian army units ‘on vacation’, like it did in August or at Debaltsevo. Of course, both times were debacles (helping fuel the ZRADA portion of the Ukrainian public), but stuff like that is bound to happen at war.

What both the August offensive and Debaltsevo (and, of course, the Donetsk Airport) were aimed at was to demoralize the Ukrainian public to the point there will be rioting in the streets of Kyiv and fiery ‘patriots’ would topple the current government. Each time generated a public outcry, but it didn’t happen. Which I’ll probably count as a win in my book, too.

We’re far from winning, of course, and I personally don’t think this war would see anything like an unconventional surrender. Not to mention Russia would hardly pass such a chance at generating public outcry as integrating DPR and LPR into Ukraine would present, so we’ll probably see those two end up with autonomous status. But I’m not sure that would be a loss for Ukraine, too.

Of course I’m probably biased and the military fetishist in me is overjoyed that we actually have an army once in a time, but well.

We’re not losing. Get over it. And yes, ZRADA crowd, that applies to you too!

About this ‘losing the war’ stuff

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