The Patriots!

Well, there it is again. Maybe it’s my luck at not having actually encountered Ukrainian law enforcement so much (trust me, it’s horrible), but in every MVS* vs. the patriots scandal out there I find myself firmly on the side of the MVS.

What current Ukrainian government for all its faults did is maintain that being a ‘patriot’ is not a get out of jail free card. In fact, the first time law enforcement began cracking down on right-wing nutcases was in March 2014. So far Minister Avakov’s been keeping that record pretty sharp, a fact that earned him no love among the ‘patriot’ crowd.

The larger Ukranian right-wing affair is best left to a different post.

* – Ministerstvo Vnutrishnikh Sprav, Ukraine’s Ministry of the Interior

The Patriots!

3 thoughts on “The Patriots!

  1. With that title I thought of a good alternate: “The La-li-lu-le-lo!” (Hopefully everyone gets that reference there)”

    Anyway, I’m curious about some of the recent right wing figures they’ve been cracking down on. I remember they flat out killed Muzychko, who was probably the most militant, legitimately anti-Russian guy around, but beyond that I don’t know, and of course last I heard Yarosh still has his seat in the Rada (Which according to Sergei Lavrov, is essentially the title of King of Ukraine).


    1. Sohryu_L says:

      Yarosh has it, but so far he’s got an abysmal attendance record – so much you’d mistake him for a veteran MP of several convocations.

      As of late there’s the Vita Zaverukha business:basically, couple teenagers rob a gas station, kill two cops and defend themselves by saying they’re ‘patriots’ and ‘avengers’ out to kill ex-Berkut troopmen involved in the Maidan killings. Nevermind that those supposed ex-Berkut troopmen turned out to be ordinary militsiya personnel.

      Also government tries to integrate all the volunteer batallions (remember, right-wing militaristic warlords!) into either MVS or the armed forces. Most were quietly integrated last summer and the only opposing is Right Sector, or more exactly parts of Right Sector. Wild allegations and stories about how Poroshenko is out to kill all the true Ukrainian patriots (‘true Ukrainian patriots’ in this case being Right Sector and not, say, the 79th Airmobile Brigade) in exchange for his Lipetsk chocolate factory were abound, and probably still are.

      My next post was supposed to be on how Ukrainian nationalists (or, at least, their most vocal support base, thankfully limited to Twitter or VK) view the Ukrainian government. Short version: they’re not fond of it in the slightest*.

      * – yes, because they are losers.

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