Yay, first post!

Welcome, oh simple reader, to the unimaginatively-titled The Ukraine Today, a blog about a country most people would have trouble finding on the map. However, recently Ukraine has been repeatedly making the headlines and, thus, this blog will strive to present you everything you didn’t want to know about the Ukraine – including the parts people constantly get wrong. I can’t promise it won’t be repetitive, but it seems some things just have to be.

The inspiration for the blog belongs to the (much more imaginative) Russia without BS, which I wholeheartedly endorse despite disagreeing on quite a few points. Fundamentally those disagreements served to inspire this very blog and, probably, much of its future content.

No relation to the (absolutely atrocious) Ukraine Today news service, although it ultimately did serve to inspire this blog’s name.

I fully intend to cover some things I think deserve to be mentioned, but I’m always open to suggestions: after all, this blog is intended for people other than myself. So, if you think there is an issue I should cover or mention, just say so in the comments, and I’ll probably do something about it.

It’s a promise, and this country is all about promises.

Yay, first post!

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