A blow against the chocolate oppression

Apparently someone attacked a Roshen store in Obolon’, Kyiv’s premier residential district CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. Roshen, for the uninitiated, is the multi-billion dollar confectionary giant that President Poroshenko owns.

Images from Oleksandr Arhat’s Twitter:

One man’s candy store is another man’s Gestapo/NKVD office, it seems.

This is not the first time someone attacked a Roshen store: last time it, too, was in Kyiv, and the perpetrator was a 17 year old. At least he accomplished more than 99% of the Internet’s TRUE UKRAINIAN PATRIOTS ever did.

Roshen closed that store down soon afterwards.

A blow against the chocolate oppression

2 thoughts on “A blow against the chocolate oppression

    1. Sohryu_L says:

      Thanks, but I’ll pass, Kyiv has had its share of firebombs already.

      Although it could have been an RPG, not too hard to find those.

      UPD: Okay, it’s not lupus, I mean, it’s not an RPG, at least not according to Kyiv militsiya.

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