I should really stop learning my Nazi history by reading Yukio Mishima, but yeah: the Right Sector is the SA that was too independent in 1934, especially for Reichswehr’s tastes, so it was defanged and Rohm got himself shot… together with Strasser’s ‘left’ elements in the NSDAP, thus a win-win situation.

Mishima then goes on by saying a politician must always stick to the center. This is a philosophy I pretty much subscribe to.

In short, no, I’m not a radical right-winger and I don’t say Ukraine needs Reichstag fires; this is precisely what Ukraine DOESN’T need, and precisely what Russia wants. To our credit, it never went that far: no one captured the Rada building during the revolution (although Maidan guards were posted, ostensibly to keep order), no one burned the building during the turbulent months that followed (when Mr. Girkin was on the loose in the East and when people went to the Rada demanding the government GIVE them arms to defend the country – yeah, it was basically that), and the most Rada got was a few broken windows, so everyone won in the end.

I’m also not saying we should shoot Yarosh, he’s a reasonable guy. Besides, now we also have Saakashvili in an official capacity, it’s an ultimate vatnik-destroying combo.

But a wacko political party must not be allowed to maintain a paramilitary organization of its own.  Precisely because the Nazis did, back in Weimar Germany, and fat load of good it did.

Hope that clears it up. My life is SHAME.

Pic related: Yarosh (background) hanging out with some guy (foreground) during an ongoing military exercise.


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