The shitstorm continues

Okay, I retract my earlier statement on Yarosh being a decent guy as he now writes posts about how LGBT pride parades are apparently a ‘blasphemy against the defenders of Ukraine’.

See, this is why nobody likes you. This is why I don’t like you, either; my attitude towards Right Sector goes in a weird sine curve between ‘tolerable’ and ‘SHOOT THE STUPID BASTARDS’, and for the last week it was firmly at the latter point.

My bet? Ukraine is a conservative country, perhaps less conservative than Russia, but nonetheless, so Right Sector might be simply trolling for votes. The problem with that statement is that LGBT rights were never a hot topic for Ukraine, not the way they were for Russia, so I’m not sure there are enough voters to buy this shit.

Therefore, my second bet? This is linked to Kolomoyskiy (or, more precisely, Kolomoyskiy’s money) and Kolomoyskiy’s ZRADA campaign against the government (here personified by no one other but Vitaly Klitschko the Kyiv mayor). See, children, apparently oligarchs are bad, mmkay, but not if they are Kolomoyskiy and his friends Korban and Filatov, mmkay. Apparently Poroshenko-Valtsman is bad because he’s an oligarch, but Kolomoyskiy and pals get a free pass because they’re apparently ‘patriots’. Yesterday was a failure for Team Kolomoyskiy – Mar’inka is ours, so no ZRADA, therefore they’re pushing the ‘government supports gays’ angle via Right Sector and Yarosh.

Someone on Twitter already called this ‘a war between Ukraine and Ukrnafta’. Well, I sure know whose side I’m on.

And fuck Right Sector. They’ve long outlived their usefulness.

EDIT: So apparently Borys ‘Shut Your Fucking Mouths’ Filatov, space tourist turned Dnipropetrovsk vice-governor turned MP turned Facebook superstar, also jumped on the gay-bashing bandwagon.

I think my conspiracy theory is actually correct: Kolomoyskiy’s beard is all over this shit.

The shitstorm continues

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