RE: Bandera supporters

For the record: I’m against banning OUN/UPA symbols, but mostly because of emotional reasons: emotional reasons being they were banned (or, at least, never recognized) by the Ancient Regime, therefore they shouldn’t be. Besides, I like the flag, it’s very black and red and all.

On other accounts I pretty much said it all. Ukrainian government does a pretty shitty job at the ‘glorifying UPA’ department (while striving to outdo Russia in the ‘homeland of elephants’ department); Ukrainian hardcore nationalist ideology (championed by Right Sector and paid lip service to by Svoboda) is built on a loser mythology and does not jive with wartime Ukrainian nationalism; and Soviet symbols are increasingly seen not as edifices of an empire but as symbols of Ukraine’s failure (most people, however, simply do not give a shit). I do not think Ukraine should celebrate February 23rd, and October 14 is as good day as any; and 100500 ISO Standard Lenin Statues should go because I’m not fucking certain 100500 ISO Standard Lenin Statues have any significant artistic value. A shame about Kyiv and Kharkiv Lenins, but I’ll prefer falling Lenins to looted shops, thank you very much (this is probably more than Ilyich ever did for Ukraine, considering the role he played in the larger Russian Civil War). Zaporizhzha Lenin has artistic value, and it isn’t even certain how he’s supposed to be removed, much less toppled, so there you have it.

What drives me up the fucking wall, however, is the ‘not uniting the country’ schtick. Problem is, Ukraine is already united as a country; Mr. Putin did that, not the President or the Prime Minister or the Parliament (well, actually, Poroshenko’s 54% might count, but the blame for it also rests on Mr. Putin and his little Crimean adventure). Jokingly you could say Ukraine is also united in its complaining about the government/the pensions/the taxes/the dollar/whatever else, but any joke only goes so far.

No government in Kyiv united Ukraine. Ukraine united Ukraine, and what’s happening on the front is probably the best indications. Not many career military officers supported Maidan, but the overwhelming majority of them fights for the government Maidan practically brought. Most Internal Troops soldiers were forced to fight alongside the very protesters they were psyching up to fight against in the new National Guard. The Armed Forces willingly close ranks with Right Sector, which then proceeds to bullshit them when the smoke clears. A quarter of Ukrainians at some point made donations to volunteers; Ukrainians practically fucking supplied the army before MoD finally picked up the slack, and then I hear about how Ukraine ISN’T UNITED?!

I’m sorry, but appeasing all sides – especially the USSR-nostalgic vatniks hyped on Russian agitprop – goes fucking nowhere. We fucking tried doing that for the previous twenty years, and guess what? WE FAILED. I say again it is a fucking miracle Ukraine survived the post-Maidan months; that Ukraine fucking survived AT ALL. It did not do it because the government said so; it did it because it HAD TO. This is the country Russia counted on splitting in fucking half, and it DID NOT DO IT; AND YOU SAY IT ISN’T UNITED?!

You know, fuck the vatniks. You can’t fucking argue with vatniks, no more than you can argue with zradafaggots. However you appeal to reason, the vatniks will still drag out Stalin portraits and the zradafaggots will still bitch about the Lipetsk chocolate factory. Appease them? Fuck that noise; we were buddy-buddy with Russia once, brotherly peoples and all, BEFORE THEY FUCKING STABBED US IN THE BACK. Should we fucking appease Russia and Russia’s fan club? FUCK NO.

But we should be fucking grateful, because Russia fucking united us in the first place.

And no, Right Sector are still loser faggots who deserve to be shot.

RE: Bandera supporters

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