Big job, huh

So apparently today is the first time Ukraine referred to Crimea as ‘occupied by the Russian Federation’ in international documents.

Also mentioned therein are words like ‘[the Russian Federation] actually occupies and exercises control over certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts’, ‘war crimes and crimes against humanity committed both by regular Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and by the illegal armed groups guided, controlled and financed by the Russian Federation’, and other exciting things.

This is all concerning the derogation thing, but it is still a bold statement. Most Ukrainians will probably say something like ‘it’s past time’. On the other hand, I’m busy thinking this is part of some international ploy, seeing as additional Russia sanctions are on the table for G7.

This is mildly interesting. Particularly interesting will be the Russian reaction (courtesy of Sergei ‘Smoking Horse’ Lavrov) and, of course, any movements and ceasefire breaches from the separatist side.

Big job, huh

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