Interplay of economy and foreign policy

I come onto Wikipedia (an online encyclopedia anyone can vandalize to support their latest MH17 theory) to learn about austerity and I am very surprised. You see, there is an ‘Examples of austerity’ list, and Ukraine is not mentioned.

Actually, no, I am not surprised, because Ukraine’s attempt at austerity is pretty un-austere. Margaret Thatcher is probably rolling in her grave right now, because what Ukrainian government does right now is as far from ‘Thatcherism’ as humanly possible. Ukrainian national budget consists mostly of black holes and cosmic radiation, the largest of these holes being the Pension fund. What the hell, the government even offers energy subsidies for poor households, with one caveat; and this is austerity?

Here’s one other thing: Ukrainian zradafaggots continually insist that the West is, apparently, dissatisfied with our government’s lack of progress in reforms and other important stuff. Of course, zradafaggots think that ‘reforms’ mean ‘larger salaries and pensions’, unlike reality. Reality, however, is that apparently the West is pleased with Ukraine’s current government, and apparently so are the IMF and the EBRD. Epithets like ‘most reform-oriented Ukrainian government so far’ are being thrown a lot. In case you forgot, only two years ago these same people were suffering from what is called ‘Ukraine fatigue’, caused by the previous Ukrainian governments systematically abusing the West’s trust. Ukraine, thanks to Yanukovych’s populist shenanigans, wasn’t on the best of terms with the IMF, either.

Now? Everything’s changed. Now we just have to change the country on the inside.

This will probably be more difficult.

Interplay of economy and foreign policy

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