RE: Azov and Western observers

So. Okay. I got called out on deliberately misinterpreting information. While I’m not in any way an influential source, this is still a bad mark on my track record, so let’s get this straight.

First, the amendment (to an as-of-yet not passed) law concerns two things: MANPADS and Azov, which everyone calls a ‘battalion’ when it is in fact a ‘regiment’. A regiment is a strange thing, but I’ll assume things are different in the National Guard. Nowhere are regular National Guard troops, currently training with US Army Airborne as part of Fearless Guardian, mentioned. Particular National Guard units such as General Kulchitsky Battalion, made up of former Maidan activists, are not mentioned, too. I’m not certain they won’t be now, thus the reason for my previous post. But it’s just me.

The MANPADS thing is unimportant; not only Ukraine never asked for MANPADS (which aren’t particularly useful in the war as it is now), it is basically standard precaution given how the CIA creams itself over MANPADS. Of course, the other problem is that MANPADS flow freely over the eastern border because Russia is not concerned with the threat MANPADS represent to civilian aircraft. Of course, again, MANPADS are smalltime for Russia, which gives its pet rebels full-on SAMs. Anyhow, MANPADS are less important for Ukraine than, say, ATGMs (even then a Javelin is not a wonder weapon that will win the war, and new Ukrainian Stugna ATGMs are set to be deployed on the frontlines right about now), so I’m not sure anyone should worry about it.

The Azov thing is also pretty clear, in retrospect: the US is pretty clear-cut on the subject of volunteer battalions, which was one of the reasons they were swiftly integrated into the Armed Forces or National Guard, and why the government is working so hard on shoehorning Right Sector in (besides the obvious implications of a wacko political party having its own paramilitary wing). In fact, the ‘arming Ukraine’ issue was delayed in large part by the very same volunteer battalions and their commanders, the legendary wombat Semen Semenchenko and his pal Yuriy Bereza. Unsurprisingly both eat out of Kolomoyskiy’s hands; more to the point, these guys not only handed over doctored evidence to US senators, but also insisted the US does not give lethal arms to the Ukrainian Armed Forces because, apparently, Armed Forces General Staff are all traitors who will hand these lethal arms over to Russia. This is no shit; Ukraine’s war effort and foreign relations were fucked by Kolomoyskiy’s pet commanders, AGAIN. As if the Ilovaysk debacle (orchestrated by Kolomoyskiy’s right-hand man Gennady Korban) was not enough. But I got sidetracked.

So, Azov. Azov is not entirely blameless; okay, as I said before, it is a cat that catches mice most of the time, but it is also a very strange cat, with very strange views. I already mentioned once that Biletsky, Azov’s commander, actually toned most of his neo-Nazism down, because neo-Nazism is, actually, not something to be proud of in Ukraine (c’est vrai!). Problem is Biletsky failed to tell that to his men, who proceeded to more or less torpedo Biletsky’s PR with Nazi salutes, neo-Nazi imagery, Misanthropic Division flags and so on. Gee, no wonder the US considers Azov neo-Nazis! Actually, yes, they are neo-Nazis, and not very smart neo-Nazis, either, or they wouldn’t do such shit. They wouldn’t also do shit like waltz into Shyrokine, get hammered by separatist/Russian artillery, and then run crying to the Armed Forces for fire support. Ukrainian Marines are deployed there who are more effective than Azov, for all of Azov’s PR and regimental status.

Moreover, what the actual fuck? Black suns are something Russian Nazis use, so how the fuck is this Ukrainian? I’ll give props to Right Sector for that, at least their imagery is more consistent than this shit. Oh, yes, I know it’s not a wolfsangel, it’s superimposed letters I and N (for ‘Idea’ and ‘Nation’) that just happen to look like one, but that’s the point, they look like one. And for most people – most importantly, for Azov people themselves – there is no difference.

No, I do not really like Azov. I tolerate them for as long as they do their job. Taking pictures of themselves throwing Nazi salutes is NOT doing that job. Besides, the 2014 era is over: we’ve already established even then that no, volunteer battalions do not work. They are an emergency measure, but we’ve been fighting for over a year now, and have become increasingly effective at it. So fucking fall in line, because you just put Ukraine’s foreign relations campaign on that fucking line. I hope Avakov rips off these black suns and wolfsangels from you personally. In fact, he should have done it half a year ago.

And here is to you, Western observers: YOU’RE NOT HELPING. And do you know why? because more often than not you subscribe to the same selective worldview that zradafaggots do. In fact, it is so similar that I’m left wondering whether you people compare notes. You may say that you support your ideals or something, but for some reason, that support takes form as ‘Ukrainian government is incompetent’, ‘Ukrainian government can’t run the country’, ‘Ukraine is losing the war’, ‘Ukrainian troops can’t fight’ and so fucking on. Much like zradafaggots, you overestimate the influence of a few radical groups to the same fucking end: to make it look like these radical groups are the only things driving Ukrainian war effort forward, which they are not. Right Sector did not accomplish anything. Azov did not accomplish anything, save for MAYBE retaking Mariupol. You know who did? The Ukrainian Army did. The National Guard did. The Border Guard did and even the militsiya, corrupt cowards that they are, fucking helped out. My entire country is on the front line right now and you know what? You fucking ignore them. You fucking ignore them in favor of shitheads whose largest contribution is making good headlines about ‘Ukraine’s far right nationalistic threat’. Shitheads who say they could ‘win the war singlehandedly’ when in reality they run crying for help every fucking time separatists give them a bloody nose. And you give these shitheads right what they want: publicity and PR, at the same time ignoring the people really fighting this war. You IGNORE them. No, even worse: YOU FUCKING INSULT THEM. You, Kremlin, zradafaggots, there is no fucking difference.

You, Western observers, are not helping.

RE: Azov and Western observers

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