A disconnection with reality

Yesterday, apparently, Myrotvorets (a controversional resource aggregating personal data about Donbass militants and vacationing Russian soldiers; can be viewed in HORRIBLE Google Translate) posted what is ostensibly ‘a Russian Operation Barbarossa’. The document, written in Russian (with no possibility of HORRIBLE Google Translating it, sadly), outlines the plan, apparently drawn up by the Russian military’s Western Military District HQ (that’s in St. Petersburg if you want to drop by for a visit), to conquer the entire East of Ukraine up to the Dnipro river within the scope of 14 days, complete with false flag operations and information warfare to disguise Russian troops as ‘Donbass militia’, ostensibly to have taken place in April-May this year. For some reason, Myrotvorets published it yesterday.

Cries of ZRADA are abound, of course. “We were THIS close to Russian invasion”, says the Zradafaggot, perched in his comfy chair in his Khmelnitsky or Rivne apartment, wearing a Right Sector T-shirt, “how DARE the government keep silent about that!? Did they already sell us out to Putin!? EVERYBODY TO THE MAIDAN!!!” Here we can see how the Zradafaggot will happily eat any shit pitched to him, so long as it is ‘patriotic’, i.e. ‘fits the Zradafaggot’s worldview where the government are incompetents and traitors, and Ukraine only holds on thanks to the TRUE UKRAINIAN PATRIOTS who incidentally all work for Ihor Kolomoyskiy’. This is just a prime example.

The document, naturally, raises questions as to its authenticity. Myrotvorets is also not the most trustworthy resource on the Ukrainian Internet. However, it is billed as the work of Russian military staff, and so all questions as to its authenticity are automatically waived. I’m glad to see Russians are still the ultimate evil (because most Ukrainians are more scared of the Lipetsk chocolate factory nowadays than they are of Putin, Russians or former Party of Regions members), and, besides, where the scared public has a point is that such plans most likely DO exist. The public also has a point that plans for Crimea existed long before 2014, most likely as a pure ‘Martian invasion plan’, an Operation Unthinkable if you will. It’s not a surprise Russia would have similar plans concerning the rest of Ukraine. It’s a surprise none of those plans were enacted a year ago, mostly thanks to Ukraine not getting into a losing fight in Crimea. If we did, I’m pretty sure Russian tanks would be rolling into Kyiv faster than you could say ‘ZRADA’. What I’m not sure of is that this Myrotvorets document is really one of that plans and not, say, something Myrotvorets people came up with to get more page views, likes and reposts. As I already said somewhere, posting ZRADA material is pretty much easy way to get page views, likes and reposts. However, this is not the point.

The point is that, if this plan is actually true, AND if this plan was actually about to be carried out (as opposed to, say, being a pure Martian invasion plan Russian staff officers drew up for fun over a late-night bottle of vodka), then why aren’t Ukrainians actually grateful? I mean, the date is there, April-May. Both April and May went off without a hitch. All those cries of ‘major offensive in 3-4 days!’ materialized in Mar’inka, where separatists got soundly trounced. Nobody was grateful back then, although the Army performed by the numbers. Nobody is grateful now.

Hello?! People?! What the actual fuck?! You cry about a ‘Russian invasion plan’ which is long past its intended date! A ‘Russian invasion plan’ which, if it existed, our government successfully averted! I mean, I can understand when you bitch about prices (while all Kyiv cafes are stuffed with people bitching about prices), I can understand when you bitch about tariffs (while half of Kyiv is content with leaving all the windows open in mid-February), I can understand when you bitch about taxes (while half of Ukraine receives their salary in an envelope, and that is a conservative estimate), but this?! A purported Russian invasion was averted and you fucking bitch about the government?!

I can understand the ‘doubting your government’ thing; doubting your government is good practice. Hell, I basically sold my soul to Roshen in exchange for sweets and I still doubt the government every step of the way; but fucking bullshitting your government every fucking time for no fucking reason whatsoever?

If your answer is ‘yes’, then don’t go asking ‘why is nothing changing?!’. The government is not responsible for changing your shitty, immature, entitled, ungrateful ways. YOU are. And if YOU do not change your shitty, immature, entitled, ungrateful ways, then it’s no wonder nothing will change in this fucking country. I don’t know how you can fucking change anything in this fucking country if everyone and their dog are bullshitting you every single time you do something – ANYTHING!

You know, I’m done. Yes, this is me venting because I’ve seen this shit go down every fucking time for more than a year. More than a year Ukraine still exists as a country because of pure miracles and incredible heroism, we kept the war at a manageable level (so you can sit at your cafe and bitch about the ‘traitors’ in the government), we’re staving off a full-on economical collapse (while you get your salaries in envelopes), and you do what? Bitch and then disguise it as ‘legitimate criticism’?

I’m sorry, but any criticism is only legitimate if you propose your own solution, and if it is a realistic, workable solution. Do you do that? you do not (and that includes you, Western observers, with your ‘disarm Azov/Right Sector now’ wide-eyed ivory tower idealism), therefore you bitch.

I’m done hearing your bitching, and this whole Russian invasion plan is a shining example why.

A disconnection with reality

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