Where did I see that before?

Yesterday the Interior Ministry decided to disband Tornado, a volunteer battalion company, for whatever reason. Orders aren’t usually discussed; however, apparently nobody broke that fact to Tornado people.

Tornado company is the former Shakhtarsk battalion, then-sponsored by Radical Party leader and LGBT activist Oleh Liashko. Having come third (!) in the May presidential election, Liashko apparently decided to continue his PR stint in the East by creating Shakhtarsk, a unit of unsavory reputation. It later broke ties with Liashko, got rid of the pitchfork and became Tornado, sporting a very WTF shoulder patch:

They became… Ukr Fury.

Unfortunately, this did not help their unsavory reputation. Volunteer battalions, by and large, are an emergency measure; as they are now they are relics of 2014, completely unnecessary at that. The war already escalated to a level where light infantry units are of very limited usefulness, for rear-line mopping operations at best; seeing as Shakhtarsk branded itself as an ‘assault battalion’ yet refused to actually assault anything, I don’t see a point in keeping them around anymore.

There is also the fact that marauders are frowned upon in our forces (as opposed to, say, the heroic Donbass militia), and Tornado people are the most guilty of that, so, again, no reason to keep them. Of course, the marauders themselves must later be prosecuted, and probably will be. Probably that is why Tornado… barricaded themselves inside their base, with minefields, grenade launcher emplacements and anything.

Western observers, please note that it’s not the evil Right Sector (although Right Sector press officers are completely bonkers), nor is it the abhorrent Azov Battalion REGIMENT, nor it is Aidar or Donbass or whoever; this is a group nobody ever noticed because, instead of a black sun and a wolfsangel it happened to have a ying-yang on their unit patch. Gee, I wonder why that is!

On that note, Avakov said yesterday that Azov is going to be reorganized. Maybe they’ll finally remove those wolfsangels now, it’s about time. Why aren’t you rejoicing, Western observers?

Of course, there’s the same problem here: people on Facebook are honestly defending Tornado, despite the fact that they’re part of the MVS structure – a structure which has orders, orders that must be obeyed. Apparently, though, you can disregard orders if you’re a TRUE UKRAINIAN PATRIOT, or so zradafaggots think. Of course, military units surrounding these dangerous elements TRUE UKRAINIAN PATRIOTS are immediately branded ‘traitors’ and ‘servants of the chocolate regime’ by the same zradafaggots. Where did we see that before? oh yes, Right Sector affair. Don’t help the 25th Airborne, zradafaggots say, they dared obey the orders of their superior officers!

I’m not even angry now; rather, I’m sad. There are hundreds of people who do not trust their government so much that they would rather support dangerous idiots with unsavory reputation. People who believe that being a TRUE UKRAINIAN PATRIOT should be your get out of jail free card. People who believe that being a TRUE UKRAINIAN PATRIOT automatically allows you to break the law, as long as it’s ‘bad people’ you’re breaking the law to get at. People who believe it’s all right to kill people without trial if they are separatist sympathizers/Berkut troopmen/former Party of Regions members/the list goes on.

These people aren’t Ukrainians. They’re Little Russians.

Where did I see that before?

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