#2551 passed

And there was much rejoicing, it was about three months overdue.

Guess who didn’t vote? Filatov, he’s too much a Facebook superstar. Semenchenko, the Combat Wombat probably thinks he’s above it. Biletsky, he’s too busy bullshitting the government and throwing Nazi salutes. Yarosh… nuff said, the man missed EVERY SINGLE Rada session to date.

And Opposition Bloc – guys, seriously, do not antagonize people more than you do now. Especially the Army. Your nostalgic pensioner electorate won’t help you if you do.

Now the Chairman and the President have to sign it into law, and the Armed Forces will be able to get all sorts of cool stuff, like more than two pieces of underwear a year, combat boots instead of valenki and BDUs that do not fuse themselves to your skin if they catch fire (like the 2014 vintage heleteyka uniform was oft to do). Also, thermal optics, decent body armor (not like all the PASGT vests and helmets weren’t decent, but there’s only so much of those), and other absolutely vital things our troops couldn’t get previously.

Also, if you’re a camouflage enthusiast like I am, this new Varan pattern looks all sorts of cool:

‘Multicam’? What’s that?

Courtesy of Yuri Biryukov’s FB account. He and his do some great work.

P.S. I hope I got enough of Western observers’ panties in a bunch with this post.

#2551 passed

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