Editorial F-Bomb

You know what? Fuck it. Fuck Ukrainian nationalists, they’re fuckheads. I already said as much, but you chose to ignore it. It doesn’t fit your narrative. But Ukrainian nationalists are fuckheads. What’s more and what I wanted to write is that modern Ukrainian nationalism is shit because it is an exact fucking copy of modern Russian nationalism, down to black suns, wolfsangels and ethnic slurs, lifted almost literally from the Russian narrative. Switch gold-black-white imperka flags for black-n-red OUN flags and you’re golden. This is not even Ukrainian nationalism, this is Little Russian nationalism. Right Sector and Svoboda and Azov and whoever else claim descent from OUN and Bandera, but modern Ukrainian nationalism has less to do with them and more with regurgitating Russian nationalist slogans and ethics, insofar as petty racist hooligans have anything remotely similar to ethics.

Fuck OUN, too. Sure, guys, you were oppressed by the Poles, and what did you do then, sign up with the Germans? What’s that, you fought for Ukrainian independence? No shit, many people fought for Ukrainian independence, but what did you accomplish? What’s that, you fought the Soviets until the mid-1950s? And what, did you win? No, you didn’t. So what else did you do, massacre some Poles in Volyn? Well, thanks a fucking bunch, OUN, for your noble struggle. Armia Kraiowa did better than you, and these guys were backstabbed by the Allies in 1944. What’s more, modern Ukrainians do better than you, because while you hid in kryivkas and massacred civilians, modern Ukrainians fought a Russian proxy invasion to a fucking standstill. Despite not having an army a year before. Despite years of thinking Russians were ‘brother people’ and ‘best friends’. Did you fight a Russian invasion to a fucking standstill? No, you didn’t, and while you maybe fought for some shitty rendition of Ukrainian independence, you did nothing to achieve it, so fuck you, too.

Laws can be amended, and probably should be. Laws can be enforced, and I fucking hope they are, too. This is not 2014. This is not Maidan, either. We couldn’t be picky back then, but we should be fucking picky now, because Right Sector and Azov are rapidly going bonkers. Oh, sure, they may have possibly fought the separatists once, but this was then, and this shit is now. What’s that, you want to celebrate Prince Sviatoslav’s victory over the Khazars? In what, 956? Not to mention this looks eerily similar to what Russian nationalists celebrate, exactly how the fuck is this relevant to the Minsk agreements?! Oh, maybe it’s relevant to the fact Right Sector gets about 0.5% of the vote, or maybe it’s relevant to the government finally doing something against your sponsors (including one Benya Kolomoyskiy), but you know what? Fuck you. And fuck you again. Offensive, you say? Please, go ahead, I know some gentlemen in Donetsk who’ll be happy to oblige you, just don’t fucking run crying to the Army when these Donetsk fellows give you a bloody nose, because you can’t fight for shit. And you can’t fight for shit: the only thing you can do is cry, rave and bitch about ZRADA, incompetent government selling the country to Putin and whatever else your sponsors pay you to bitch about. They don’t pay you to fight, that’s for damn sure.

You’re not heroes, you in your brand-new Multicam BDUs. You’re fuckers who piggyback on the real heroes, blown out of proportion. You’re no better than Motorola or Givi or Batman or Milchakov, you’re exactly the same shit. And you deserve the same, too, because I hope our government throws you to the wolves sometime, sometime when just about everyone will lose their patience with your whining.

But you know what, Western observers? Yeah, I’m talking to you, people who maybe possibly read this blog: none of what I wrote absolves you, because YOU’RE NO BETTER. You’re so obsessed with Ukrainian nationalism that you fail to see the Ukrainians. You’re so obsessed with fucktards like Azov or Right Sector that you fail to see the Ukrainian Army, the Ukrainian National Guard, or the Ukrainians, again. You’re blind to whatever DOES NOT fit your comfortable worldview and the threat of ‘rising Ukrainian nationalism’ that you rave and cry about all the time.

Fuck you. You demean us, you denigrate us, you FUCKING IGNORE us, and the worst is that you do that ALL THE FUCKING TIME. You’re no better than the very nationalists you bitch about, because both you and they live in an imaginary black and white version of Ukraine which lacks one and the same thing – the Ukrainians.

You chose to ignore them.

You know what, why am I even trying? I’ve been writing this blog for over a month now and in that month I failed to convince even a single person otherwise, so what’s the point? All the energy I spent raving would be even better spent if I wrote about space fighters or giant robots or something instead of arguing with people who choose to ignore not just my people, but ME. Because so far, it makes absolutely no fucking difference, so why am I writing this blog in the first place?!

Why am I spending my precious nerves on this fucking exercise in futilty? I could argue with Russians and get pretty much the same results, because no matter where I go, I literally hear the same fucking shit over and over, be it from Russians, Ukrainian morons or you, Western observers.

Why am I even bothering?

Editorial F-Bomb

4 thoughts on “Editorial F-Bomb

  1. We’re concerned about nationalism because after all these decades, that old, out-of-date nationalism is still an issue. The speed and ease with which those laws were passed is an example of that. But you should not think that people like us focus only on Ukraine. One of the reasons I was pissed off about the nationalist influence in Ukraine is because Russia is dominated by those kinds of politics, and many other observers and I want Ukraine to be something very different from Russia, which incidentally is what I thought many normal, non-nationalist Ukrainians also want. Moreover, we’re concerned about far right politics all over the world. Thanks to the economic crisis, far right ideas are on the march not only in Europe, but also in the US as well.


    1. Sohryu_L says:

      The laws are a better example of the Rada’s willingness to do anything to earn themselves points with voters.

      Reform packages and actually important legislation? Fuck no, we ain’t voting on that.

      >I want Ukraine to be something very different from Russia, which incidentally is what I thought many normal, non-nationalist Ukrainians also want.

      You said yourself, though, that Ukraine shouldn’t look up to US and Poland. While not looking up to US is understandable, why not Poland? The situation is different but it’s the closest example (one that many Ukrainians witnessed hands-on).

      The problem still stands, though: Ukrainians are by and large ignored, while the far right gets literally all the attention. Same shit as with Azovgate, again.

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    2. Astarta says:

      Russia is different a lot in that the majority of Russians are far right by default, office workers, schoolboys and housewives alike are born and live with the idea that Russians are great nation, because if they won’t believe it, there’s nothing else left. Especially far from cities. Most people feel despair, and it varies from being drunk every day (that’s people in the villages and basically everywhere in small towns) to desire to leave Russia forever or at least try (that’s for optimists, like freelancers, people who can actually leave some day). All of us have friends and relatives in Russia, so we know.
      While there is despair in Eastern Ukraine and some small towns that is very much like this and this despair basically has the same roots, they weren’t driven by the same amount of hatred before Russian invasion.
      And as for the rest of Ukraine, it never was like this and it got even better now.
      I don’t understand why nationalists get so much attention while they are not what really is Ukraine and Ukrainians.


      1. I think they get so much attention because they always have to thrust themselves into every issue and if you question them, you’re accused of questioning the very idea of Ukrainian independence, as though they own that concept.

        There is a similar thing going on in Russia now, where the state is forcing this idea that to be Russian means hating the US and Europe, though they can’t really properly define what Russian is supposed to be other than that.

        There was also a similar effort in the US back around the time of the 2008 election. The term “real Americans” was used by the right to tar people who didn’t support them as traitors. Even to this day in the US, conservatives believe that liberals are confined to both coasts and are totally cut off from “real America,” which apparently consists of small towns. I should point out that the people who believe this shit actually live in big cities, because just like in any country, even in small town America life isn’t exactly pretty.


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