Four facts

Fact 1: Ukraine doesn’t have problems with gas. Not after an unusually warm December, no it doesn’t.

Fact 2: Ukraine isn’t buying Russian gas since about late November. Well, technically EU gas is also Russian, but it’s all the worse for them.

Fact 3: Henichesk is a small resort town on the Azov coast, most likely chosen at random due to its proximity to (occupied) Crimea. In case you’re wondering, the temperature outside in Henichesk is about -7 degrees Celsius, or about four degrees higher than in Kyiv.

Fact 4: the Mayor of Henichesk is apparently so powerful and influential that he gets calls from Putin, Obama and Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The man himself

But go ahead and believe everything Russian media pulls out of their collective arse, won’t you?

Four facts

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