Odds and ends

Astute readers may have noticed that I’ve not been writing as much as I probably should. The reason for that, however, is quite simple: there isn’t anything going on in Ukraine or elsewhere – if you don’t count the continuing kangaroo court mockery of justice that is the Nadiya Savchenko case. The recent and inconclusive trial caused bouts of stupidity in far too many Ukrainians, which, although sad, is to be expected. While my sympathies and my support is with Nadiya (and yours should be, too),  as well as the other Ukrainian political prisoners held in Russia, such as Sentsov, Afanasiyev and Kolchenko, I am simply not qualified to write on the matter. Frankly, the whole #FreeSavchenko twitterstorming gets more than a bit nauseating for me to add anything.

In other news, the Rada was on hiatus, which means nothing of any consequence was being done in this country. Even Western observers more or less refrained from outright stupidity, if you exclude the recent outburst by Anders Östlund:

 C’est vrai! In case you missed it, rumors abound that incumbent Finance Minister Jaresko is set to become Ukraine’s next PM, possibly replacing Yatsenyuk. Frankly, given the alternatives, she would be an excellent candidate, were it not for the fact she may not enjoy a (relatively) stable majority in the Rada, and, in fact, may not even get enough votes to be appointed in the first place. Of course, what Östlund forgets is that Jaresko is a minister on the Poroshenko Bloc quota in the first place, and making her out to be some alternative to Poroshenko isn’t particularly close to reality. People closely following Ukrainian politics may also remember that Jaresko is the least-outspoken minister compared to resignation-writing and corruption-exposing types like Abromavicius (who, apparently, says he’s ready to return after a month of relentless zrada-mongering and reform-minded doom-and-gloom). That Jaresko would somehow magically become an opponent to Poroshenko is strange at least and wishful thinking at best.

Yeah, according to some ‘anti-corruption activists’ from pastoral Ivano-Frankivsk, Poroshenko is now the only oligarch in Ukraine. What’s more alarming, that view seems to be shared by several prominent Western Ukraine-watchers, including, but not limited to, my arch-enemy Bershidsky and Maxim Eristavi. Gee, whatever happened to Akhmetov (kicked off the Forbes list due to being valued at $2 bil.), Firtash (still refusing to be extradited from Vienna) or Kolomoyskiy (still not paying Ukrnafta’s dividends to the state)?

As for Mr. Östlund, my advice? Root for Saakashvili. Sure, he was recently exposed as ‘the Donald Trump of Eastern Europe’, and it looks like someone in the West is steadily getting tired of his game, but remember how he’s done Georgia! Surely he’s the hero Ukraine deserves, if not for all the pesky oligarchs getting in his way, but he’ll show them all, GO MIKHO!!! YAY!!!

See? This is how it’s done. Get your game together, would you?

Odds and ends

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