This ‘deleting Twitter’ thing seems like so much fun. I mean, I only find out about Victory Day-related shenanigans from the news and I feel like I didn’t miss anything.

To compensate, here’s a picture of the building everyone (including holier-than-thou Western observers such as Bershidsky and Maxim Eristavi) loves to hate:


Bankova Fact #1: The Bankova is approximately 20% cooler than the White House. Those Soviet architects sure knew about impressiveness.

Bankova Fact #3: Western observers hate The Bankova because the guards don’t let them onto the street, citing national security concerns. They didn’t let me in, either, but you can photo to your heart’s content.

Bankova Fact #49: The Bankova had trams!

Oy a theater ist der Kiever tramvai.

P.S. With the distinct lack of Twitter exposure, The Ukraine Today’s activity is liable to fall even further down than it did until now.

…So how about that THE TRUTH ABOUT PUBLIC TRANSIT blog where I heap praises upon our intrepid mayor Klitchko?


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