Re: Mirotvorets scandal

Don’t see any difference between Russian narrative on occupied Donbass and Western journalists’ narrative on occupied Donbass. Doubly so when those journalists take their time criticizing Ukraine’s evil government while giving head to Zakharchenko at the same time.

Them’s the breaks, it seems. Not one Western journalist was in Mariupol in January 2015, when it was shelled by ‘DNR’. I remember Oliver Carroll interviewing Zakharchenko right when casualty reports started tricking in. When I asked why the hell he isn’t in Mariupol, he banned me.

The same applies to the rest. Not how journalism works?

Not that I care.

P.S. The whole spectacle would be a touch more believable if the parties involved didn’t hand over their real contact info to the terrorists in the first place.

But apparently Western journalists (and quite a few Ukrainian ones, too) have a terminal case of stupids in regards to that.

P.P.S. Since I’m not on Twitter anymore (and this had spared me approximately >9000 nerve cells in the past week alone), follow me on Telegram. Hopefully I no kill myself.

(I’m teaching you dancing)

Re: Mirotvorets scandal

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